Make a Difference in 2020: Join These Organizations

The Latino community is making a significant impact in the DFW Metroplex. In 2016, Hispanic owned businesses numbered nearly 70,000 and generated more than $10 billion in revenue.

While we continue to generate strong numbers – both in economic revenue and in population –  we are still underrepresented in civic leadership. Many of our Latino organizations, started as a way to support Hispanic businesses and business owners, continue to struggle due to lack of funding. And the sheer number of small Latino civic organizations makes it hard to know which ones to join.

After working with dozens of organizations over my 30 years as a business leader in DFW, I have come to the conclusion that the Latino community is going about this the wrong way. Every Hispanic business owner should be joining their local Chamber of Commerce.

When you join the Chamber, you can be recognized as a minority owned business. You’ll have access to all the resources the Chamber has to offer, and you’ll have greater opportunities to effect civic change from within well established organizations.

Am I saying Hispanics should not support Latino organizations? No, that’s not what I am saying at all. There are countless organizations in DFW that deserve your patronage. However, to truly effect change we need to partner with the organizations we have tried to distance ourselves from for the past few decades. By working within these larger, more well funded groups, we can effect change from the inside out. In 2020, join your local Chamber of Commerce and let it be known you’re a minority business working to improve your community for everyone.

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