The Power of the Latino Vote

     The Latino vote is a powerful one. In years past however, there has been a huge narrative around the disconnect between Latinos and voting. This year, in 2020, that all should be brought into the light.

     In a Houston Chronicle article regarding misconceptions, Latinos have been referred to as the scapegoat of the Democratic Party’s unrealized election hopes. On the flip side of this coin, Republicans are not “doing a good job investing in Latino voters,” said Bernard Fraga, a political science professor at Indiana University. This community is under appreciated and not sought after as one might expect. In 2020 however, the forefront of representation should be here. A New York Times article recently stated that an analysis “estimates that roughly one-third of the 643 delegates up for grabs in those two states will be determined by Latino voters.” The two states aforementioned are Texas and California. These two states play a key role in determining the future of the political forefront.

     The same article refers to Latinos being the largest represented nonwhite ethnicity group to show up the polls. The power behind the voice of this beloved community, regardless of leaning, is one that is long overdue to be heard and well respected. This year though, misconceptions will break and the power of these votes will be at center stage.

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