Three Reasons to Support Hispanic Businesses This Holiday Season

We’re just a few weeks away from the biggest shopping event of the year. Market forecasters are predicting US Holiday sales will cross the $1 trillion mark this year.

When it’s time to grab gifts for friends and family, avoid the big box store if possible and support local Hispanic-owned businesses. Here are three reasons why shopping small can help your dollar make a bigger impact.

Grow the Local Economy

When you patron a local business, your dollar has a direct impact on the local economy. Up to one-third of small businesses make the majority of their annual income during the last two months of the year. Instead of lining a faceless CEO’s pockets, invest in a local business that can boost the economy where you live.

Support a Family

Shopping small does more than grow the economy – it helps families just like yours. When you support a Hispanic -owned business, you’re helping your neighbors put food on the table and provide an education for their children.  Your patronage now lays a path for the next generation to become leaders in the Hispanic community.

Money is Power

The Jewish community makes up a very small percentage of the U.S. population, yet exerts significant financial control over our country’s overseas financial support. The Jewish community has invested in locally owned businesses, which provided better education and higher paying jobs for the younger generation.  In contrast, Hispanics account for nearly 18% of the population, yet we have very little financial influence. The only way this changes is if we invest in Hispanic businesses, provide better education for Hispanic children, and help today’s Hispanic teens forge a path to financial success and leadership.

The bottom line: Hispanic businesses deserve our support all year long, but especially during the holiday shopping season. This year, shop a Hispanic-owned businesses and let your dollars make a positive difference.

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