Want to Support Hispanic Education? Start with Your Local Library.

As I mentioned in my three-part series in October, Hispanics have a higher enrollment percentage than any other race in the state, yet are also the most economically disadvantaged race in the Texas public education system.

Public school was never meant to be the only source of education. While we must continue to fight for better education and advantages for Hispanic school children, we should also recognize and support other organizations that are helping Hispanic families.

One of the greatest educational support systems in your area is your local library.

Libraries offer more than books and free wifi. Most libraries in the DFW Metroplex offer support services, as well as events that can complement education at any level. Here are a few of the services libraries offer:

Cultural Celebrations. The George W. Hawkes Library in downtown Arlington hosts a wonderful Dia de los Muertos celebration complete with an ofrenda, mariachi competition, crafts, and a movie.

Bilingual Classes. Several branches of the Dallas Public Library system offer bilingual storytime for children under age 6, as well as bilingual computer courses and ESL conversation classes.

Hispanic Heritage Resources. Want to learn about Latino traditions for the holidays? Need authentic Hispanic recipes? Looking for genealogy resources? Your local library has all this – and more! Supporting Hispanic education can be as simple as getting a library card and attending events and classes at your local branch. Every day, we vote with our dollars and our time. Invest in local libraries and give Hispanic children the tools they need to succeed in education and in life.

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